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So how’s everyone? 

I should really think that this weather sucks, of course, that’s the reality, but I like it when it’s like this and I’m just staying home. Selfish reasons.

Had to cancel errands today because of the weather condition. Moved the said errand on Friday instead and I’m hoping for the best. 

Works and school are canceled today and it’s nice to be with my siblings. All we did was pigged out and surfed the net. The power was out for a few hours, we barely noticed since we were sleeping until passed noon. Me and my youngest sis got out and went at some diner and grabbed three quarter pounder burgers to go. We also had some chips and snacks… and a hot champorado. This day is great.

Been stalking my old FB account and reading all my stats way back from 2009-2010. Man, I’m so talkative back then, lots of ‘em status huh. But I’ve changed, I don’t usually post a status nowadays, can even go for a month or two without posting a single one.

Anyway, kinda excited for tomorrow since I made a reservation at Vikings Marikina to celebrate chase-arca's birthday. I can't wait to pig out and enjoy the rest of the day with him.

And I’m here again: Life, Games and Design, bring it!

I’ve been in a lot of emotional stress lately mostly because of over-thinking. Things that are not really there but because I think too much, those non-existent problems are causing me a lot of stress. My bad. It started last week, I thought I’m just being bitchy, turns out my period was coming and was effin’ up my hormones! HAH! So yeah, I felt better afterwards. :))

Plus, I’ve been really busy applying for companies I really like… and ta-dah~ I got a job again. Big news! In a gaming company baby! I’m just really happy to be accepted because that is where I belong! I’ve been a designer for 4 years now but I’ve been designing stuff I’m not really interested in… but now, it’ll be different, because character, interface and game design is what I really wanted to do. :D 

• Anyway, photos above are of me and Chase, the night of our 15th montsary, minutes after arriving home from a date with friends. I realized I didn’t took any photos from the place we dined in, aww… so to commemorate that special day, tadah, snapchat of us at home. 

• LRT Station. Hmmm~ Always happy to be in one when the reason is someone. Yep, taking the LRT to meet Chase is a pleasure.

• Figure display at the gaming studio I applied for. That shelf was huge and has lots of toy figures. They also have this room full of DC and Marvel comics and artbooks. WEW. This is my kind of my place. Can’t wait to start working. But I’ll enjoy the remaining free days I have.

Things that are not in the photo:

• Friday Night Jam (FNJ), somewhere in Masinag. Hearing some cover band play “Tagpuan” and “Huling Sayaw” by kamikazee. They were so good I don’t evennnnn. asdhjkl

• F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Supernatural marathon.

• Lame ass movies marathon

So hi friends! :) I’m doing well, how about you?

I think I should separate each topic from my last post since it was so long no one will read it. (I wanna use the f word but I’m trying to change that habit lol)

Rants and Raves: An accumulated thoughts from the last couple of days

So hi.

I should have blogged the things I did this past week while the lightheartedness of things lasts… not right now when I’m feeling really moody and down. But for the sake of updating this blog, yes, I will post something.

So basically I’ve been all around the place again these past couple of days. I went back to Manila with my mom last last week and she stayed over at our house here for a couple of days which made me really happy because having a mom around is the best specially when you are very lazy to move around on your own. Meaning, uh… you don’t have to cook, or drown yourself in a pile of fast-food trash.

I’ve also been applying for some companies I deemed worthy. Yes, because I am a very choosy and picky employee. There are lots of company that is need of a designer but I only apply to those I deemed worthy. *ka-ching*

I met up with chase-arca, Tuesday of last week because hey, I just miss him and I always long for an adventure with him. Plus he’s feeling really down because of some douchebaggery of a certain company that he tried applying for. I won’t go into details but I will announce that that company of an ass is very fond of wasting their applicants time and is very unprofessional when it comes to things. Maybe it’s not the whole company, maybe it’s just the HR department, doesn’t matter, they scream UNPROFESSIONALISM~ Ugh. Seriously, how hard it is to send details or updates about application status on the people who are applying for you?! DON’T FRIGGIN’ WASTE OUR TIME LIKE THAT. If we didn’t took the initiative to ask first they won’t inform us of the things they said they’ll inform us “the soonest” (<—- their own words). Assholes. I’m really mad because I tried applying for them too, did the same thing to me, I thought it was just an honest mistake, but hey, maybe that’s really the way they do things! I am very disappointed since I’ve heard great things about them. Turns out, it’s full of BS. 

So anyway… the following days with Chase was fun though. We just mostly stayed at home to watch animes, stayed up all night for movie marathons, random playing of guitar and talking about lots of things. And yeah, food.

Last Saturday was great too. Me and Chase have met two of the coolest blogger I know… hehe. Hi DF profoundpate and Nicole drizzlelullaby.  We were so late that night because we’ve been through a lot hours before the actual meet up. We’ve came all the way from Antipolo but have to make a (supposed-to-be) quick stop over at our house in Sampaloc to get some cash. Also went to the market but we got separated along the way and Chase got lost in the market and I ran out of load and I don’t even know where to find him! It was really frustrating. I went back home and as soon as I got connected to our wifi I messaged him on fb. To cut the story short, yeah, he made it back to me. lol 

So there we made our way to MOA and had dinner with DF and Nicole. We talked about lots of things. Random things. From bloggers to boobs. They are both really chill and soft spoken. Hmm… thinking about it feels kinda weird now, because I think I talked to much… or louder. Idk. hahaha. 

Yesterday I went to church. It was Victory’s 30th anniversary so I’m feeling really excited. heh. It was just sad that I went alone because Chase was somewhere and can’t come with me. Huhu. But he dropped by last night to have a dinner with me and my sis and we watched a couple of episodes of Hunter x Hunter after. He went home past 1 am. 

So today, I just got back from checking out a random company, I like it in there but they don’t have any opening for the position that I want… so it kinda sucks. I met up with Chase after and waited for him to finished doing his errands for the day.

I went home sad because I still want to be with him but he can’t. And I have lots of things in my mind right now. And there are so many issues that’s currently going on that is making me really frustrated. 

I should eat dinner now. Why do I blog like this? Why can’t I post a separate entry for each topic? :/



Its safe to assume that each one of us has his or her own lovestory to tell. As emotionally healthy humans, we do have our own fair share romance and heartaches with a slight bitter aftertaste.

Funny thing is before that somebody became a nobody, I am certain that somewhere in the midst of your romance, you considered a possibility that they could be the one. That he is your “Soulmate”.

Although it’s a word that you might often hear most of the time, it is also the most misapplied description for someone. The key in its correct application lies in the understanding of the word itself.

Let’s begin with knowing the origin of the word. And when it comes to vocabulary origin, who would be more knowledge than Greece. 

In a dialogue called The Symposium, Plato has Aristophanes present a story about soul mates. Aristophanes states that humans originally had four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. He continues that there were three genders: man,woman and the “Androgynous”. According to the story, that in this form, man was powerful enough to threathen the gods. As a resolution, Zues decided to split the humans in half, thus giving us the form we are familiar with.

So technically speaking, It’s being almost identical to another person. And a fact is the word “soulmate” is not solely for the purpose of romantic associations, It can be also be used to describe deep understanding between friends.

For others who believe in reincarnation, they say that Soulmates often choose to come back together during the same lifetime and scope each other out in our vast world. They might even feel an odd sense of déjà vu, as if the moment in time has already taken place, perhaps a long time ago, perhaps in a different setting with the same person.

But will it really matter if ever the one that you are sharing your life with is your soulmate or not? Because in the end you can use the word as often as you like, but only love will make everything right.

Your mind excites me.

uhh… my boyfriend ladies and gentlemen.

Very forceful.

Im frustrated. You are like a fucking unicorn or a mermaid or whatever are you even for real? And you have a boyfriend. fuck that shit. i cant touch you and i hate that.

okay kuya (or ate)… okay… ._.

I’m sick. Cough and cold and a very painful sinusitis. I’ve been taking up meds and I think it’s working, but the cough is still there. Ugghh.

Also what is wrong with some of my asks? *iyak tawa* sino ba tong wirdo na to hahahaha wtf bat ganto msgs mo koyah why

Ate ask ko lang po kung saan kayo nag-study nung College kayo at anong course niyo po? :)

hello. Sa Far Eastern University po. Fine Arts major in Advertising po. :)

Of having time with his friends; Getting sick together; And giving in into the hype because stupid hypes won’t change the fact that something played a special role in our relationship. This is a very long title.

The week before last week was a rough one. Well it doesn’t last the whole week, just took 4 days of it, but still, I don’t like that to happen again. At least everything is good now and we’re right on track again, well, almost. haha I think we’ve just gone back to enjoying life again without a care in the world. There are lots of plans and schedule that was changed because of some choices that we have to make. Specially Chase. He’s now pursuing his dream job and I am just there to support him. Waiting for something you really want is always worth it so I told him to just be patient and hold on to it. I think he’s almost there. :) 

So anyway, it wasn’t on my plan to travel back to Manila earlier than expected. But Chase skyped me out of nowhere, I mean, we’re not really talking that much days before and uh… so yeah, so, okay, I won’t talk about it in details, to cut the story short, we both just can’t stay away from each other for that long. lol Let’s just think about it that way to make it light and funny. Heavy talks includes plans in the future and getting better as a person and I don’t wanna bore you guys with that. :)) 

So anyway, I spent the last week in Manila, Antipolo to be exact. Had an overnight with his guy friends. And yes, I am the only girl in the group hooray. Watched them bummed around the house, playing video games, watching movies, food tripping, biking. Hey at least they are not really bumming around. I’ve watched them play basketball too. The village’s court was under going some paint renovations that day so we had to look for a court alternative. hahaha found a small court with one basket in some street. Well okay. I think they played for about 2 hours or more? I was watching them from a bench for the first hour… Chase plays decent basketball… kinda proud of him. hah. Then I proceeded into playing games in my cp for the remaining hours. Some dudes joined their game but I am not watching anymore much to Chase’s dismay. He kept on guilt tripping me about it. He said he played awesomely but I wasn’t watching because I don’t care about his talents. hahahahahah wtf

And then the remaining days I spent on his house. Another funny thing that happened that is worth mentioning… some kind of a milestone for both of us, we both got really sick! Like, we both have a really high fever the following day. So we took care of each other. He even massaged me the moment he felt well, and then when I’m feeling well already, he got sick again! haha so I just changed wet towels on his forehead from time to time. I think we really make a very cute couple. 

That night we’re feeling well already so we watched some anime again, but we’ve slept earlier than usual to gain back our energy.

The following day, I’ve watch him play drum mania again. 

And after 2 weeks in cinemas.. we’ve decided to watch The Fault in Our Stars. We’re really hesitant to watch it at first, kinda pissed off with the annoying overly-hyped movie, but I was thinking that the story, literally, the book itself is very sentimental to our relationship. When we were still just friends, back in the days when only a few people know about TFIOS, I lend him my book. When he returned it to me there was a loveletter inside it. He called me “Hazel Grace” in that letter and he calls himself “Gus”. It was really sweet and honest, despite being very poetic.

We don’t regret watching it in the big screen. It was worth it.

Setting the hype aside… Chase will always be my Gus. And this is our little infinity. 

It’s been a week since I last posted. Haha. Just dropping by to say that, hey, I’m fine. Never been better. :) I feel grand.
I’m back here in our provincial house and is currently catering to some friends who are having a sleep over. They invaded my room and stole my comforter from me. :((((

I’m gonna post a decent life update tomorrow. Been in a lot of adventures again. And ugh, changed/adjusted short term plans and schedule.

Okay… Onto answering some asks. Hello my friends.

I’m gonna sleep happy. At last. :)

Hey, I miss you Chase. And yes, I love you too.

I hope you guys like this shitty animation that I did.
Thank you sad sad feelings for inspiration and drive to do this lame piece of art.

I hope you guys like this shitty animation that I did.

Thank you sad sad feelings for inspiration and drive to do this lame piece of art.

I’ve always loved your writing.
And I asked you why you don’t write that much anymore.
You told me it because sadness is the main emotion that drives you to write.
You can write when you’re happy, but it’ll not be as good as when you are sad.
Maybe there’s really something about heartbreaking writings that is so beautiful, I can’t explain it.

I bet you are writing a lot of poems and prose again.


My tumblr drafts says more about me than my actual blog. I was browsing through it just now.

… I used to be that sad?

And the sadder part is I’m feeling those feelings again. But I know it won’t be long now.

I’ll try to sleep now.

I love you Chase.